WCS – Wisconsin Contractors Supply

We have been in our new facility since Jan 1, 2017.    The remodel and move was done mostly by our own team.  Our Store was previously a joint tenant of Dayton/Symons about 4 miles away.   The walls were removed along with drop ceilings, floor was ground down, epoxy coating was applied, new shelving, new walls, new doors and a lot of painting.    The final store and warehouse was completed by the end of February.   We had an open house April 26st to show the place off to our customers.  We invited several venders to set up their booths and run specials for that day.   There was good food and door prize drawings.  There was a fair turnout.

WCS started off approximately 6 years ago when CCS took over the contractor supply part of Symons (Pewaukee) Branch.  For the first 6 years CCS and Symons coexisted out of the same facility.  Symons did the form rentals and sales while CCS handled all the consumable products while sharing a yard/warehouse and manpower including outside sales.   In January of this year CCS broke off and opened their own facility about four miles away, changed its name to WCS (Wisconsin Contractors Supply) and now has its own yard and 18,000 SF warehouse and a great team of people.  In April of this year we concentrated on putting in a fleet of Steel ply to support our Form rental goals.    WCS was recently awarded a large Alisply job.  The job was sold as prebuilt gangs, so with help form a couple guys in Bellwood we built 18 (9’x18’) gangs that will be shipping in July.   With the fleet of Steel Ply and Alisply this facility will be able to supply form rental needs around South-Eastern Wisconsin.  

Facility Manager = Jill Sanchez.  Jill has been with WCS for 6 years after CCS bought out the Milwaukee store part of Dayton/Symons.  Jill has been involved in contractor supplies, purchasing, Accounts receivables/payables/Collections, Inventory control and Customer Service for more than 21 years and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in construction product lines and customer relations.  Jill has overseen the facility through the move and has been a great team leader in creating a respectable contractor supply store.  Jill is married with two children, two granddaughters and she enjoys outdoor land and water sports and spending time with family.

Inside Sales / Warehouse = Lynn Heffron.  Lynn started with WCS in September of 2016 as a salesman after working for one of our residential concrete contractors.   Lynn knows the meaning of hard work and staying busy.   Since this time Lynn’s best fit has been inside sales while pulling orders and stocking the warehouse.   Lynn is a great asset to have as he will fill in wherever needed and does a great job at keeping the customers happy.   Lynn is married with one child and enjoys outdoor sports including fishing, hunting, trap shooting and riding motorcycle.  

Branch Manager = Paul Amberg.  Paul is the new kid on the block at WCS joining the team in April of 2017 just in time for the open house.    Paul has worked in the construction field for 30 years as Branch Manager and Regional Manager at Symons and Sales Manager at Forming Concepts.   Paul’s focus will be growing the forming business and overall outside sales growth.  Paul is married with two children; His interests are woodworking, motorcycling and spending time with his family.  

Sales = Kevin Windett has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge on construction supplies form his years at Dayton and Brock White.  We welcome his experience and brings with him many relationships with local contractors in and around the Milwaukee area.