Rental Services

Rental Services

When you are in need of any forming system for your project, Wisconsin Contractor’s Supply can help you to achieve your goal maximizing your field utilization, and increasing your profits. We stock and represent many of the highest quality forming, shoring and scaffolding systems available on the USA market. We offer forming, shoring and scaffolding systems for any concrete residential, commercial, institutional, industrial or infrastructure projects you have.

Wisconsin Contractor’s Supply is also a Total Project Management for your forming and shoring project, by providing everything from design, engineering services, field service, technical support and renovation.

Concrete Forming, Shoring & Scaffold Renovation

We offer complete forming, shoring and scaffolding equipment renovation. We handle different types and brands of equipment, including Steel-Ply, crane set, clamp forms, shoring and scaffolding frames and accessories.
We can repair your damaged concrete forms at a fraction of the cost of new. Our renovation department is fully-equipped to inspect and recondition your forms to original specifications. Services includes:

– Plywood Stripping
– Cleanind and Wheelabrating
– Straightening and Squaring
– Replacement Parts Welding
– Painting (Wet Paint or Powder Coat Options)
– Plywood Replacement (HDO / Birch)

Self Rising Core System

A crane free approach to core forming.
Each Self-Rising Core System is customized to meet the needs of your job. It is fast and efficient core construction. Completely self-sufficient, the self-Rising Core System allows one lift of a building core every 2 – 3 days – without the need of your tower crane. Other phased projects stay on track and the overall project becomes more efficient and remains on schedule.
The system used on 90% of Chicago high-rises is now available nationwide!

#1 in the USA for concrete form labor savings!